The Choreography Lab

The Choreography Lab
Second edition

8th March 2015, 19h00

The Choreography Lab had as a starting point the idea of promoting  the artists of the Ballet Company from a different perspective: as creators and choreographers.  The event is now on its second edition (the  first edition took place on June 27, 2015) and all the works were created especially on this occasion, which means that all of them will be developed and completed in the future. The works that will be presented within the Choreography Lab were created by Ross McCaw, Cristian Gîdoi, Alice Minoiu and Nastazia Philippou and the concept is signed by choreographer and dancer Johan Kobborg, Artistic Director of the Ballet Company of the Bucharest National Opera House. 

The access to the event is free, based on booking in advance – by phone number: (+4) 0743.263.446 or by e-mail: In order for your registration to be valid you need to receive a confirmation message from the Bucharest National Opera House. The seats will be arranged on benches, located on the stage and the audience access will be made through the auditorium.



Fantasy for a Gentleman

Choreographer: Ross McCaw
Music: Aranjuez Concerto: Allegro con spirito by Rodrigo (performing: Jacinto Ulloa Rizo, Jean Phillippe Lardese and Rouen Orchestra)
Liam Morris and Fiona Cameron Martin
Alistair Beattie and Francesca Velicu
Cristian Gîdoi and Teodora Karpatti
Egoitz Segura and Giordana Gallo
Răzvan Cacoveanu and Greta Niţă

About Fantasy for a Gentleman choreographer and dancer Ross McCaw says that it is  a playful ballet with 5 couples, a piece about the innocence of young love. He also adds that: The music was my only source of inspiration for this piece and that's why I named the piece after the music. I've always enjoyed classical guitar, this piece especially; and so I thought I would challenge myself with something I've never tried before. And a non storied ballet was born.


Forever. STOP

Choreographer: Cristian Gîdoi
Music: Unchained Melody (performing: Gareth Gates)
Performing: Akane Ichii and Răzvan Cacoveanu

Some say it’s hard to change your life. They are also the ones who don’t expect life to change in just one second. Some call it God, some call it Karma, but regardless of what you name it or what you ask from it when you think you don’t have enough, life must be lived as it is because every day can be the last. Inspired by the work and activity of Bogdan Nicula, choreographer and dancer Cristian Gîdoi created this piece as homage to the well-known dancer, who departed from this world too early.


Whispers of Joy

Choreographer: Alice Minoiu

Music: Bach Double Concerto (performing: Itzhak Perlman şi Isaac Stern)
Marina Minoiu and Dianyu Wu
Zoe Epstein and Alessandro Audisio
Giordana Gallo and Maxime Latapie

For choreographer and dancer Alice Minoiu, the violin is the musical instrument that manages to depict in the best possible way the expression, emotion and harmony of classical music. Describing her work she was pointing out that: This passion of listening to violin concerts inspired me to start to create “Whispers of Joy”. Choreography is a reflection of the authentic expression of joy that I discovered in the first part of Johan Sebastian Bach’s “Double Concerto for Violin”. I gave life to the violins and I felt how every played note ‘whispered’ harmony, happiness. Therefore, the main topic this piece is focusing on is particularly these whispers of joy that dancers connect to. 


With You

Choreographer: Ross McCaw
Music: Harp Concerto in E minor, op. 182 by Reinecke (interpretează: Fabrice Pierre, Patrick Gallois and Swedish Chamber Orchestra)
Performing: Abigail Cockrell and Liam Morris

The piece created by choreographer and dancer Ross McCaw was originally performed in the ballet gala Alina and Friends in New York, in December 2015 and received standing ovation from the american public. Set in the 1950's With you is the story of Clo and Alexander, a married couple who have been together since school. In this scene we see Clo building up the courage to leave the man that she has loved for so many years. She knows it's the right decision to make, but can she do it?


Absent Knights

Choreographer: Nastazia Philippou
Music: Wine’s So Good (performing: Bălănescu Quartet)
Performing: Raquel Gil-Bergstrom and Egoitz Segura

A complicated relationship between worn-out love and survival. This is what choreographer and dancer Nastazia Philippou catches a glimpse of in Absent Knights. SHE waits patiently, fascinated by the ticking of time, while a knock on the door is all it takes to turn her world around. SHE is a woman that laughs hard, loves strong, breaks down; her invisibility dragging her to the point of foolish madness. The night builds up with tension and exuberant motion, ironically leading the COUPLE to a flashback of memories that have been untouched for years.