The Professional Training Centre

The Centre for Professional Training of the Bucharest National Opera House 


Currently, the Bucharest National Opera House, including its functional structure, the Operetta and Musical Theatre “Ion Dacian”, is authorized and with the necessary expertise to develop professional training and related activities and projects, as follows::

- courses and projects for internal professional training - performing arts occupations (for employees and permanent collaborators of the institution)
- courses and projects for external professional training - performing arts occupations (chargeable – for those who want to pursue professional training in this domain and to obtain accredited diplomas)
- workshops and master classes
- related activities in the area of social dialogue and promoting specific professions

Occupations covered currently by the authorized professional training services offered by the Bucharest National Opera House are: vocal soloist, ballet dancer, light technician, sound technician, stage electrician, make-up artist, stage-hands, tailor, stage manager, video designer, props, dresser, project manager, performance organizer, artistic secretary, assistant director, production manager.

At the same time, given the expertise gained with regard to professional orientation in the field, the Bucharest National Opera House will soon be accredited to also unfold such activities, under a structure that will be called the Professional Orientation and Training Centre of the Bucharest National Opera House

In March 2014, the institution obtained funds for implementing a new strategic project for professional orientation and training in the performing arts field, with activities that will take place in all eight development regions of the country. The project is co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013, “Invest in people!” and will last 18 months. It will be implemented in partnership with Accademia Teatro alla Scala Milan.  

If you are interested in attending training courses for the above-mentioned occupations or to obtain an offer for the institution you represent, please send an e-mail to and we will return the requested information as soon as possible.


Internal Training

Regarding the training of employees and permanent collaborators, the activity is based on a professional and technical analysis of the human and material resources, as well as on the audit of the job description compared to the reality of the labour market. Thus, with the identification of the training needs, as well as the optimal manner to stimulate and promote the continuous professional development within the institution and outside of it, based on a detailed development plan and a human resources development strategy, we propose collaborations and partnerships with training institutions and performing arts institutions on an international level for the purpose of creating a development platform for the professionals within the Bucharest National Opera House.


External Training - the Academy for Performing Arts and the Professional Orientation Centre

The training of professionals in the performing arts field has two main objectives: the training of professionals in specific professions by means of improvement programs adapted to market needs and attracting young university graduates or high school students towards the professions specific to the performing arts field. In this respect, the Bucharest National Opera House intends to establish an Academy of Professions which, in collaboration with similar training institutions, will offer a complete solution for training in the area of performing arts: guidance and professional orientation, certified evaluation and improvement courses, respectively qualification and post-university courses. There will be courses for soloists and ballet dancers with guest instructors from Romania and Europe, and new development programs for professions with tradition in this area (sculptor, décor painter, dressmaker).


Social Dialogue and the Contribution to Legislative Harmonization

In order to reach the objectives of professional training, we will set up a series of meetings with potential partners in the social dialogue field, that have as objective the legislative harmonization, as well as the identification of development solutions: Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, Ministry of Education and Research, National Agency for Employment, the National Agency for Qualifications, the International Association of Theatre Technicians, Set Designers and Theatre Architects, the European Social Dialogue, organisations of the employers in the field on an European level, as well as international employee organisations.


Promoting the Specific Professions

Last but not least, for the promotion of specific professions and of continuous professional training, in partnership with similar institutions in Romania, the Bucharest National Opera House intends to create a quarterly magazine dedicated to the specific professions, as well as an online platform with a section dedicated to multimedia content (online courses with free access and interview podcasts).


Regarding the professional training in the artistic area, the history at a national level is set by the development of two strategic projects implemented by some of the most important Romanian institutions of this genre: the Bucharest National Opera House and the National Operetta Theatre “Ion Dacian”, whose experience and expertise became associated starting with November 2013 in the context of an executive and administrative union of the two institutions.

The Bucharest National Opera House, in partnership with Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan and SVASTA ICG Romania, implemented the project Specific Professional Training within the Opera and Ballet Experimental Studio for Stage Professions and Cultural Management Abilities in the Area of Performing Arts – studiOpera. The project, with a duration of three years, was financed by the European Social Fund, through the Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013, “Invest in People!”. The obtained non-refundable funding was of 17,963,028 lei.

The studiOpera project emphasised the professional training of artists, stage technicians and managers for all hierarchy levels, by offering courses at the workplace, for the purpose of ensuring a long-lasting development of the system of professional development. In addition, the project has intended to augment a segment of traditional learning uncovered before, making available for the employees, with the help of the two strategic partners, instruments and knowledge that enhance the level of professional expertise. There have been courses of theoretical notions for understanding the specific details of the theatre activity, as well as practical courses to ensure the necessary skills for the employees on any hierarchic level and to allow the use of innovative technologies in the daily activity. The professional profiles covered were: vocal soloist, ballet dancer, light technician, make-up artist, tailor, project manager.


With the purpose of supporting youth and professionals in their search for a job in the area of performing arts or helping them identify an area different from their past activity, the studiOpera project anticipated the design and creation of a Centre for Professional Orientation for stage professions addressed to unemployed young people and adults, students, employed people. The services offered: meetings for orientation briefing, colloquies of receipt, seminaries specialised in technology, development seminaries, individual orientation colloquies, professional skills balance, skills portfolio, support seminaries for the active search of a job, internships for graduates or future graduates. The targeted professional profiles are: lyric interpreter – opera soloist, orchestra conductor, artistic director, stage designer, choreographer, chorus master, pianist, ballet master, ballet dancer, opera chorus member, orchestra instrumentalist, assistant to the artistic director, assistant to the stage designer, musical-artistic secretary, stage manager, prompter, lighting technician, lighting designer, stage electrician, sound designer, sound technician, stage-hands, props, costume designer, make-up and wigs, painter, sculptor, carpenter, upholsterer, theatre mechanic, theatre costume tailor, dressmaker, shoemaker, video designer, performance organiser, project manager, production manager.

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The National Operetta Theatre “Ion Dacian” implemented, between October 2009 and January 2013, the project Support for Skills Improvement in the Romanian Performing Arts Field – SCENART, a project co-financed by the European Social Fund, within the Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013, “Invest in people!”. The financing approved for a three-year period of the above mentioned project was of 15,633,845.92 lei.

The projectSupport for Skills Improvement in the Romanian Performing Arts Field – SCENART was carried out in partnership with Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan and took into account the development of the labour market and human resources in the performing arts in Romania in the artistic, technical and administrative area.

The National Operetta Theatre “Ion Dacian” wanted, thus, to contribute to the development of the labour market of the performing arts, whose specific professions (light technician, sound technician, project manager, performance organizer, among others) are barely or at all represented in the educational programme for professional studies. Through this project, the National Operetta Theatre fulfils yet another strategic objective, namely the contribution to the development of the performing arts sector in Romania, the development and information about the professions specific to performing arts, taking into account the importance of the degree of professionalism of those who work in this field. On the long term, based on the results of this project, we aim at establishing an Academy for Professional Training in the Performing Arts Field.

During the three years of implementation, a large series of activities dedicated to professional development in the area of performing arts in Romania took place, from training courses for 15 specific professions (production manager, stage manager, assistant to the artistic director, light technician, sound technician, video designer, stage-hands, props, stage electrician, make-up artist, tailor, dresser, project manager, performance organizer and artistic secretary), on an internal (National Operetta Theatre) and external level (in the theatres associated in the project: Târgu-Mureş National Theatre, Bucharest Metropolis Theatre, Oleg Danovski Opera and Ballet National Theatre in Constanţa and the Braşov Opera), to research reports on various issues related to the activity of professionals in the field of performing arts on the Romanian labour market.

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